Felipe A. Court

Full Professor

Director, Center for Integrative Biology

Universidad Mayor

Tel: +562 2686 2899

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I studied biology in Chile working as an undergraduate in the lab of Dr. Jaime Alvarez in local protein synthesis in axons. I then moved to Europe and obtained an MSc and later a Ph.D. at Edinburgh University working in the labs of Dr. Richard Ribchester and Dr. Peter Brophy. Holding an EMBO postdoctoral fellowship, I moved to the lab of Dr. Laura Feltri in Milano, Italy.

My research has been focused in studying the relationship between glial cells and neurons in different biological processes, including axonal degeneration, regeneration and intracellular transfer of cargoes. For this, we use models of axonal degeneration and regeneration in vivo and in vitro, including models of optic and sciatic nerve regeneration and spinal cord injury.

Our lab group also participates in other collaborative research projects: we are currently members of the Millenium Nucleus in Regenerative Biology (MINREB). I am vice president of Neurounion Biomedical Foundation, a recently started iniciative for biomedical research in neurodegenerative conditions.

Rodrigo López-Leal

Postdoctoral fellow


Natalia Salvadores

Postdoctoral fellow



Mario Sanhueza

Postdoctoral fellow


Biochemist, Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Postdoctoral researcher at Terrence Town Ph.D. laboratory, Los Angeles, USA. He is working in exosomes and mechanisms of axonal regeneration. 

Biochemist, Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh. Studying mechanisms of axonal degeneration in age-related neurodegenerative diseases using in vitro and in vivo models.

PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Edinburgh (UK), he is working on axonal degeneration and aging using Drosophila as an experimental model.

Macarena Arrazola

Postdoctoral fellow


Claudia Orellana-Tavra

Postdoctoral fellow


Cristian Saquel

Research Assistant


PhD in Biological Sciences from the Catholic University of Chile. Studying the contribution of chronic inflammation in neurodegeneration along aging and the role of necroptosis in the vulnerability of different neuronal populations of the aged brain. 

Biotechnology Engineer, Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Cambridge (UK). Studying axonal regeneration throughout exosome mediated transference of molecules from glial cells to neurons

M.Sc. in biotechnology from the Andrés Bello University.  Currently working on to the transfer of miRNA from Schwann cells to neurons mediated by exosomes and their impact on axonal regeneration.

Alejandra Catenaccio

Research Assistant


Maritza Oñate

PhD Student



Francisco Muñoz

Undergraduate Student


Bachelor in Molecular Biology from the National University of San Luis, Argentina. Working in a FONDEF project related to spinal cord injury and also investigating the role glial cells in axonal degeneration at the peripheral nervous system.

Biotechnologist and PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Chile. Working in the molecular and cellular mechanisms of collateral sprouting after PNS injury using in vivo models.

Biotechnology Student, Universidad Mayor. Working on an undergraduate thesis studying axonal degeneration in Drosophila

José Ángel Landa

Lab Manager


Business Manager from Universidad Privada del Estado de Morelos, México.


Eileen Collyer

Pamela Rojas

Gerard Ill-Raga

Postdoc, UCSD

Biochemistry student PUC

Postdoctoral, Brazil

Sebastián Barrientos

Javiera Villar

Alejandra López

Bachelor in Biology, Ph,D

Biochemistry student at U. de Chile

P. Universidad Catolica de Chile

Juan S. Jara

Joaquín Cerca

Vicente Valenzuela

Universite de Paris, Faculte des Sciences


MSc in Biotechnology.

David Cajas

Bruno Cisternas

Hugo Penailillo

4th year Biochemistry student at Catholic

MSc in Neuroscience

Undergraduate student, Biology

Diego Reginensi

Cheryg Chavez

Beatriz Díaz

MSc in Neuroscience

Lab. Manager


Rosario Villegas

Álvaro Sánchez

Fernanda Espinoza

Postdoc, PUC


Lab Manager

Valeria Godoy

Frederic Picou

Constanza Miller



Lab Proyect

Vania Macias

Vicente Figueroa

Alfredo Araneda

Pregrado Student

Pregrado Student

Pregrado Student

Paula Diaz

Mónica Perez

Cristian de Gregorio

Research Assistant

Electron Microscopy

 Postdoctoral fellow

Jaime Álvarez 

 Diego Hernández

 Medical Doctor

PhD Student 

Nicolas Martinez

Carolina Chávez

Phd Student

Lab Manager