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Geroscience Center For Brain Health and Metabolism

GERO is a FONDAP Center for the Study of Aging and its relationship with brain deseases, funded by the program for Research Center in Priority Areas of the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID). Our Center seeks to understand the aging of the Chilean population using a holistic approach that integrates basic and clinical research, including the pillars of aging, traslational research, psychology an sociology. The studies developed in our Center are animed at understanding the basic principles of aging from molecules to systems.

Buck institute for research on aging

The Buck was a pioneer in research on aging, and now we’re a global leader in the field. We opened our doors in 1999, becoming the world’s only research institution singularly focused on the biology of aging, yielding insights into age-related diseases before they start. We hire scientists from a variety of disciplines to attack the problem from all sides because the answers we’re after won’t come from a single field. To enhance our process, we worked with world-renowned architect I.M. Pei to create a campus that literally would not allow our researchers to work in silos.

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